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The Welfare Liners

The Welfare Liners came together from the eclectic Athens, GA music scene in 2010 and combined contemporary and traditional influences to create a brand of bluegrass that has earned praise from young and old. After releasing a self-titled, six-song EP on Ghostmeat Records in 2011, the band found themselves sharing the stage with the likes of The Del McCoury Band, Dawes and Drew Emmitt (Leftover Salmon). As they continued to perform at bluegrass festivals and local clubs, original compositions made their way in to sets previously dominated by standards from Bill Monroe, Flatt & Scruggs and The Stanley Brothers. These new, original songs borrowed heavily from the tradition of brother harmony mastered by Jim & Jesse and The Louvin Brothers, whose songs were also mainstays of early performances by the band.

High On A Hilltop is the debut album from The Welfare Liners. It includes 14 original compositions featuring Rob Keller (Six String Drag, The Drovers Old Time Medicine Show, Workhorses for the Entertainment/Recreational Industry) on vocals and bass fiddle, Wayne Wilson (Athens Grass, The F Holes) on vocals and banjo, Russ Hallauer (Sunbrain, The Lures, founder of Ghostmeat Records) on mandolin, Mark Cunningham (The Burning Angels) on guitar and Adam Poulin (Betsy Frank, Dodd Ferrelle) on fiddle. The album also includes guest appearances by William Tonks (Bloodkin, Barbara Cue) on dobro. High On A Hilltop was recorded and mixed by Russ Hallauer at Ghostmeat Studio in Watkinsville, GA. It was mastered by Bright Eyes bassist/engineer Andy LeMaster at Chase Park Transduction in Athens, GA. The album cover design is by former Whiskeytown drummer Skillet Gilmore.

With Just Stars For Light The Welfare Liners build on the bluegrass foundation laid down with their 2012 debut "High On A Hilltop." With their second full-length release, the Athens, Georgia group incorporates a few non-traditional instruments and occasionally expands in to more rock-like song structures to create something that is at once familiar and innovative.

The Welfare Liners
The Welfare Liners

Released in 2011

Hand-crafted bluegrass from Athens, GA. In addition to a few bluegrass standards, the EP features the band's own "Terrapin Beer" and a cover of "Ive Seen The Love" by David Dondero.

1. Terrapin Beer
2. Childish Love
3. I've Seen The Love
4. In The Pines
5. How Mountain Girls Can Love
6. Love Please Come Home


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Also available from The Welfare Liners - EP - The Welfare Liners

The Welfare Liners
High On A Hilltop

Released in 2012

Debut album from The Welfare Liners.

1. Easy On The Eyes
2. Who Killed T.K.
3. I'll Be Standing By
4. Trouble Comes To Me
5. That's What She Said
6. Dust Broom Blues
7. Homewrecker
8. High On A Hilltop
9. Darker Than The Night
10. I Can Hear The Reaper Calling
11. Farewell To All The Angels
12. Sad And Blue, Lonesome Too
13. Boulevard
14. The Welfare Express (Headin' Down The Line)


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Also available from High On a Hilltop - The Welfare Liners

The Welfare Liners
Just Stars For Light

Released in 2015.

1. Hold Me Up To The Light
2. I Refuse To Lose The Blues
3. Silver Line
4. Oh Me Oh My
5. The End of the Line
6. Fire In A Canebrake
7. A Brand New Life
8. Breathe Fire
9. That Lonesome Road
10. Then I'll Stop Goin' For You


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