From left to right: David Fairbairn (vocals, guitar), John Nowicki (bass, vocals), Bob Sleppy (drums)


In 1999, Ghostmeat and Michael's own Good Blonde Records released their fantastic debut You Must Be This Tall. The Athens, GA band described it as "modern rock that swerves between Jane's Addiction and The Pixies." In 2003, Michael released their second album The Day After My Confidence on Good Blonde.


Apollo's Salvage

Released in 1995

This extremely rare CD is part of a series of co-op compilations released by your friends here at Ghostmeat Records.

This CD includes the rare and exclusive song "Pay Per View" by Saddle Creek Records recording artists Commander Venus featuring a teenage Conor Oberst (Bright Eyes, Desaparecidos).

The CD features several other exclusive songs from Saddle Creek bands including the song "1979" by Polecat. Polecat featured the songs of Ted Stevens (Cursive, Mayday, Lullaby For The Working Class).

The CD also features the song "C.B." by Slowdown Virginia. Slowdown Virginia featured the songs of Tim Kasher of Cursive.

This CD is a must have for fans of Commander Venus, Polecat, Slowdown Virginia, Bright Eyes, Lullaby For The Working Class, Mayday and Cursive.

The CD also features 18 other bands. Highlights include rare and exclusive tracks from Drip (featuring members of Saddle Creek's Now It's Overhead, Desaparecidos and Bright Eyes), Grass Records recording artists Sunbrain (featuring Future Farmer Records recording artist David Dondero), Smashmouth (another Saddle Creek-related band) and many more.

1. Oblio Joes "Desiree
2. Drip "Chopped"
3. Sunbrain "Center of Mass"
4. Polecat "1979"
5. Old Man "Pain"
6. Smashmouth "Figured 8"
7. Grumpy "Cold Shower"
8. The Phoids "Lil' Suzy"
9. The Union "Skategirl (Settle, Discipline)"
10. Atticus Flinch "Obvious"
11. Fischer "Bullet For Me"
12. The Butterflies "Great"
13. Commander Venus "Pay Per View"
14. Carmine "Han Solo"
15. Slowdown Virginia "C.B."
16. Painting Churches "Clothes Off"
17. Major Nelson "Role Reversal"
18. Chump "Red Balloons"
19. Michael "Wide Awake"
20. Blightobody "Fleshy From The Wetter"
21. Woodenhorse "Focus"



Released in 1998

This extremely rare CD is part of a series of co-op compilations released by your friends here at Ghostmeat Records.

The CD includes a rare and exclusive recording of the song "Next Bus" by Pensacola, FL's This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb. This recording of the song is exclusive to this release and features Future Farmer Records recording artist David Dondero on drums. This CD is must haves for fans of This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb.

The CD includes the rare and exclusive song "The Ocean Is The Winter" by Pensacola's Flatwheelers (featuring Dondero and members of Woodenhorse and Pen To Plough. This is one of the only official releases by the band.

The CD also includes a rare and exclusive song called "45 Or 33 1/3" by Toccoa, GA's Drip (featuring members of Saddle Creek Records recording artist Now It's Overhead, Desaparecidos and Bright Eyes).

The CD features 18 other bands. Highlights include rare and exclusive tracks from Ten 23 Records recording artists The Lures (featuring members of Randall Bramblett Band, Sunbrain, Lona and Now It's Overhead), Grass Records recording artists Old Man and many more.

1. Alex Marquez "World Without You"
2. Tony Tidwell & The Scalded Dogs "Roll Back The Line"
3. Wonderlust "Bad Blood"
4. Flatwheelers "The Ocean Is The Winter"
5. Major Nelson "Bottom Line"
6. The Lures "Disrepair"
7. All Things Green "Falling Down"
8. This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb "Next Bus"
9. Ode To Abbey "Breathing"
10. Drip "45 Or 33 1/3"
11. Recycled "Can't Have Me"
12. Pen To Plough "Slummin'"
13. Old Man "Take Care Of Johnny"
14. Nillah "Killjoy"
15. Wunderkind "She Let Fall"
16. Atomsplit "Finally Shook You"
17. Lust For Jadies "Stereotype"
18. Slackdaddy "The Swarm"
19. Michael "Deciduous Star"
20. Love Grotto "Mad Props To Bella"
21. Mutt People "Old Magnolia Home"


Michael You Must Be This Tall

Released in 1999

Debut album from the Athens, GA trio. Modern rock that swerves between Jane's Addiction and The Pixies while maintaining a style all its own.

1. Two Minutes
2. Gravity's Pilot
3. Sweet Reunion
4. Oppression For A Poet
5. Make The World Forget Me
6. Potential
7. Hope Comes To Kill
8. 23-Five
9. Autumn
10. Wide Awake
11. Deciduous Star
12. Manifest Destiny


AthFest 1999

Released in 1999

In celebration of the third annual Athens Music & Arts Festival. 18 bands from Athens, GA.

1. The Glands - "Livin' was Easy" *
2. Jucifer - "Nickel to Roll"
3. Empire State - "Pie Pan" *
4. Vaudeville - "Hat Trick"
5. Jack Logan - "Mama's Door" *
6. Dayroom - "Better Days"
7. Hayride - "Bucket Brigade"
8. Slackdaddy - "Gravity" *
9. Planet Jive - "Gabby Pants"
10. The Lures - "Goner"
11. Cafeteria - "Them or Me" *
12. Jennifer Goree - "3rd Time Takes Its Toll"
13. Mike Mantione - "Oh Surgery"
14. Michael - "Oppression for a Poet"
15. David Barbe - "2 Small Stones" *
16. Wunderkind - "Tapping Out Code" *
17. Drip - "Subtle Deliberate Drone" *
18. Star Room Boys - "Both Our Towns"

* previously unreleased song


Ghostmeat 5th Anniversary

Released in 1999

This is a limited edition compilation CD celebrating the first five years of Athens, GA's Ghostmeat Records.

The CD features 18 bands from various Ghostmeat releases. Highlights include several songs from out-of-print Ghostmeat titles including "Blame It On Hemingway" from Jennifer Goree's self-titled debut, a rare original recording of "Mouseteeth" from This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb's debut 7" EP, "Leave The Driving To Them" from David Dondero's ...The Pity Party and "The Living Bubba" from the Drive-By Truckers debut album Gangstabilly.

Other highlights include rare tracks from Ghostmeat bands that went on to successful releases with bigger labels including Sunbrain (Grass), Luxury (Tooth & Nail), 6 String Drag featuring Kenny Roby (E Squared), Drip featuring members of Now It's Overhead, Desaparecidos and Bright Eyes (Saddle Creek), The Union (Grass), The Lures (Ten 23), Hayride (Capricorn) and more.

This CD also includes exclusive live bonus tracks that are only available on this CD. Let the CD play after the last listed song for previously unreleased songs by Drip (covering Bruce Springsteen), Tony Tidwell, Woodenhorse and Sunbrain (covering Jonathan Richman).

This CD is a great "I heard them when..." release. It is a must have for fans of any of these great bands.

1. Sunbrain "Pressure Face"
2. Luxury "Flaming Youth Flames On"
3. 6 String Drag "Still Breathin'"
4. Drip "Holden"
5. The Union "Thurman Munson"
6. Woodenhorse "Neverthought"
7. Grumpy "Wait Another Day"
8. Tony Tidwell "Bare Hands"
9. The Fountains "Talks American"
10. Jennifer Goree "Blame it on Hemingway"
11. The Lures "Goner"
12. Pen to Plough "Greener"
13. The Bike is a Pipe Bomb "Mouseteeth"
14. Michael "Hope Comes to Kill"
15. Vaudeville "Mary"
16. Hayride "Lets Hear it for Me"
17. David Dondero "Leave the Driving to Them"
18. Drive-By Truckers "Nine Bullets"

Exclusive live bonus tracks
19. Drip "Downbound Train"
20. Tony Tidwell "Jenifer"
21. Woodenhorse "Factory"
22. Sunbrain "Government Center"


AthFest 2002

Released in 2002

In celebration of the sixth annual Athens Music & Arts Festival and to commemorate the fifth annual AthFest CD, the 2002 edition is a 2-CD set with 34 bands from Athens, GA.

Disc One

1. Jucifer - "Amplifier" *
2. Guff - "Responsibility Pays" *
3. Annaray - "Hale-Bopp"
4. Carrie Nations - "Former Babies"
5. Heros Severum - "Colors- Paint & Body" *
6. Five Eight -"Criminal" *
7. Empire State - "Bugs In The System"
8. Megaphone Man - "Hot Thomas" *
9. David Barbe - "Hot, But You Won't Blow"
10. The Fountains - "I Can Be The Man"
11. Don Chambers - "Uncle Raymond"
12. Kevn Kinney & Kitty Snyder - "Love Hurts" *
13. SS Puft - "Blues For Arnold" *
14. Rocket 350 - "She's Gone"
15. Southern Bitch - "Mark Of The Beast" *
16. The Mids - "Get Back"
17. Drive-By Truckers - "Let There Be Rock"

Disc Two

1. Lona - "Radio Wave" *
2. Hayride - "Move Over" *
3. The Modfathers - "Carolina" *
4. Woman - "Jumpin'"
5. Filmstar - "Dreams In Stereo" *
6. Michael - "Finish Line" *
7. Claire & Bain's Maple Yum-Yum - "Malt Liquor"
8. Calliope Fair - "Sirtos Azizes" *
9. Georgia Guitar Quartet - "Linus & Lucy"
10. Riveter - "No Shame" *
11. Shank - "Bourbon Jim"
12. The Normaltown Flyers - "Betting On A Sure Thing" *
13. The Ohms - "Good For You"
14. Barbara Cue - "Mr. Lucky" *
15. Dromedary - "Backwoods To Brooklyn"
16. Stewart & Winfield - "Two Become One" *
17. Dodd Ferrelle & The Tinfoil Stars - "Too Bad You" *

* previously unreleased song

2 -CD Set

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