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"Shady Grove"
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Jennifer Goree

Jennifer Goree first came to Ghostmeat's attention with the backup vocal work she did on Tony Tidwell's self-titled debut released in 1996. The following year the Six Mile, SC native released her own self-titled album full of mellow electric-folk, blues and gospel and it was a welcome addition to the Ghostmeat catalog. Goree's amazing voice has won her appreciation around the country.

All About Numbers

Released in 1997

This extremely rare CD is part of a series of co-op compilations released by your friends here at Ghostmeat Records.

The CD includes the rare and exclusive song "Nosey People" by Pensacola, FL's This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb. The is the first official release by the well-traveled punk-folk-rockers. It features the short-lived first lineup of the band. This CD is must haves for fans of This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb.

The CD also features 15 other bands. Highlights include rare and exclusive songs by Ten 23 Records recording artists The Lures (featuring members of Randall Bramblett Band, Sunbrain, Lona and Now It's Overhead), Jennifer Goree, Fuzzy Sprouts and many more.

Bonus features include band bios and photos you can access with your computer.

1. Pen To Plough "Grandma And Sarge"
2. Atomsplit "So Over You"
3. The Lures "Million"
4. Gick "The Onset Of Rubbery Behaviour"
5. Nillah "Westerburg High"
6. The Squirts "Leaving Texas"
7. Wonderlust "Grounded"
8. Jennifer Goree "Joan Of Arc"
9. OPM "Slouches"
10. SciFu "Sasquelch"
11. Addison Blue "Miro My Mind"
12. Spacegoods "Mary 7"
13. Fuzzy Sprouts "Sister Cornflake"
14. The Pyrokleptics "Breathe"
15. This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb "Nosey People"
16. Slackdaddy "The Bends"


Jennifer Goree Self-titled

Released in 1997

Debut album from the upstate SC singer/songwriter. Folk-artist-gone-electric with her band Appalachian Soul.

Track listing:
1. Love Will Abide
2. Dissolute Darling
3. Jamie
4. Nothing You Can Do
5. He Was A Dandy
6. Joan Of Arc
7. Downstream
8. Blame It On Hemingway
9. Father's Sins
10. Running On Home
11. Richest One
12. Gather Her Round
13. Shady Grove


AthFest 1999

Released in 1999

In celebration of the third annual Athens Music & Arts Festival. 18 bands from Athens, GA.

1. The Glands - "Livin' was Easy" *
2. Jucifer - "Nickel to Roll"
3. Empire State - "Pie Pan" *
4. Vaudeville - "Hat Trick"
5. Jack Logan - "Mama's Door" *
6. Dayroom - "Better Days"
7. Hayride - "Bucket Brigade"
8. Slackdaddy - "Gravity" *
9. Planet Jive - "Gabby Pants"
10. The Lures - "Goner"
11. Cafeteria - "Them or Me" *
12. Jennifer Goree - "3rd Time Takes Its Toll"
13. Mike Mantione - "Oh Surgery"
14. Michael - "Oppression for a Poet"
15. David Barbe - "2 Small Stones" *
16. Wunderkind - "Tapping Out Code" *
17. Drip - "Subtle Deliberate Drone" *
18. Star Room Boys - "Both Our Towns"

* previously unreleased song


Ghostmeat 5th Anniversary

Released in 1999

This is a limited edition compilation CD celebrating the first five years of Athens, GA's Ghostmeat Records.

The CD features 18 bands from various Ghostmeat releases. Highlights include several songs from out-of-print Ghostmeat titles including "Blame It On Hemingway" from Jennifer Goree's self-titled debut, a rare original recording of "Mouseteeth" from This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb's debut 7" EP, "Leave The Driving To Them" from David Dondero's ...The Pity Party and "The Living Bubba" from the Drive-By Truckers debut album Gangstabilly.

Other highlights include rare tracks from Ghostmeat bands that went on to successful releases with bigger labels including Sunbrain (Grass), Luxury (Tooth & Nail), 6 String Drag featuring Kenny Roby (E Squared), Drip featuring members of Now It's Overhead, Desaparecidos and Bright Eyes (Saddle Creek), The Union (Grass), The Lures (Ten 23), Hayride (Capricorn) and more.

This CD also includes exclusive live bonus tracks that are only available on this CD. Let the CD play after the last listed song for previously unreleased songs by Drip (covering Bruce Springsteen), Tony Tidwell, Woodenhorse and Sunbrain (covering Jonathan Richman).

This CD is a great "I heard them when..." release. It is a must have for fans of any of these great bands.

1. Sunbrain "Pressure Face"
2. Luxury "Flaming Youth Flames On"
3. 6 String Drag "Still Breathin'"
4. Drip "Holden"
5. The Union "Thurman Munson"
6. Woodenhorse "Neverthought"
7. Grumpy "Wait Another Day"
8. Tony Tidwell "Bare Hands"
9. The Fountains "Talks American"
10. Jennifer Goree "Blame it on Hemingway"
11. The Lures "Goner"
12. Pen to Plough "Greener"
13. The Bike is a Pipe Bomb "Mouseteeth"
14. Michael "Hope Comes to Kill"
15. Vaudeville "Mary"
16. Hayride "Lets Hear it for Me"
17. David Dondero "Leave the Driving to Them"
18. Drive-By Truckers "Nine Bullets"

Exclusive live bonus tracks
19. Drip "Downbound Train"
20. Tony Tidwell "Jenifer"
21. Woodenhorse "Factory"
22. Sunbrain "Government Center"


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